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Ivana Pavlović

 Hello loves 💜 I am Ivana, owner of the Bossup Branding


Our mission

is to create brands that will help your dreams become reality, just like mines did. 

This shop

was open when I was expecting my baby girl and lost my job because of it. My desire was not only to provide better life for my family but to show my future daughter that she can live life on her own terms, bringing her dreams into reality and that woman is powerful enough to do everything she wants.
My mission is to help makeup artists and other moms to show the world who they and their brand are and can be, so they can live their dreams and working from home as well.
Thank you so much for visiting my shop, for every message, for every review, for every order.
You helped me living my dreams – running my business while taking care of my daughter 💜